Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Campaign for Canada's best entertainer of the year Magician/ Mentalist

Monday, March 15, 2010


Description: Designed a new logo and a poster that included their internal staff  
Video: The Art of a KISS ... So.. You think you can KISS ??

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Purell Hand Sanitizer

Copy: What you can't see can hurt you
Description: This is a bus/Subway pole that is wrapped with heat sensitive thermal paper. (Chemical that changes color when exposed to heat. Similar to the famous mood rings) The layer beneath is a photo of germs as if seen through a microscope. When someone grips the pole the temperature from their hand reveals the photo. The pole is initally black and by gripping it, the heat sensitive paper leaves a lasting impression by showing the image of germs beneath.
Claim: Just because you can't see germs doesn't mean they're not there.
Media: Transit ad

Friday, January 29, 2010

DenTek Tongue scraper -Ambient ad.

Description: Vinyl floor stickers placed on top of downtown sewers. The steam rising from the sewer reminds viewers of bad breath. Two versions are available.
Claim: Eliminates bad breath
Media: Ambient advertising (Advertising of the surrounding area or environment:)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ChapStick Billboards

Description: Dramatization relating to the All Natural Chapstick: Log shaped lips. The texture and shape of the bark reminds viewers of chapped lips.Once the chapstick has been applied, you notice the smooth fresh inner portion of the log.

Claim: Smoothens rough surfaces. Smoothens chapped lips
Media: Billboard

Description: Dramatization relating to the All Natural Chapstick: The dry lips shaped leaf reminds viewers of chapped lips. Bottom left portion is renewed leaving a fresh, smooth effect.
Claim: Smoothens rough surfaces.Natures touch.
Media: Magazine double page spread

Description: Bottle cap folded to create an image of chapped lips.
Left bottom lip is smoothened to show results.
Media: Billboard

Jeep Magazine Ad

Copy: 4x4 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Get a spot near the office.
Description: Empty parking lot. Jeep parked on building right next to office window.
Claim: The power climbing of a 4x4 Jeep Cherokee
Media: Magazine

Premier Fitness - Gym

Copy: Get washboard abs this summer
Description: Direct mail piece. Flyer folds into the position of situps. Notice that the abs portion is double corrugated cardboard which is rigid like a washboard. Two version are available; a photo & an illustration. You choose.
Claim: Get washboard abs

Description: Back of flyer

Toronto Metro Zoo - Winter ad

Objective: The ad above was assigned by the creative director of Xerox Canada. The mission objective was to entice kids to visit the Metro Toronto Zoo during winter
Copy: The temperature dropped, but that doesn't mean the fun is over. It's always summer at the Toronto Metro Zoo. Visit us during winter.
Description: Elephant trunk creating a snow castle.
Claim: Always summer.
Media: Newspaper

Quick Tite Superglue

Copy: Keep it together
Description: Plate puzzle with scattered broken pieces.
Claim: Quick Tite super glue will glue broken pieces together
Media: Bus Shelter

TIDE campaign

Copy: Cutting down grass stains
Description: Mowed down T-shirt
Claim: Cleans grass stains

Copy: Digs to the bottom of dirt and stains
Description: Hole dug in mud field in the shape of pants
Claim: Burries mud/dirt stains

Copy: Removed food stains
Description: Spaghetti molded into a dress using negative space of plate
Claim: Removed tough food stains

VIA RAIL campaign

Copy:  You can fall asleep on a hotel bed but you can't wake up at the other side of the map.
Body: A luxury cruise on rails, with a comfortable bed, all meals included and five-star service!
Description: Comparing VIA Rail to a hotel's service.
Claim: Hotel on rails
Media: Subway ad.

Copy:  Health Hazzard, breathtaking sceneries
Body: Explore the remarkable views, thrilling discoveries and the beauty of nature.
Description: A traveling experience on rails.
Claim: Sceneries that will take your breath away
Media: Transit Card

Copy: Caution: We only travel @ High speeds
Body: Enjoy a high-speed wireless Internet connection when you  travel in VIA 1 class
Description: Word play on traveling speed and high speed wireless connection
Claim: Businessmen can resume their online daily business tasks while travelling

VW Beetle on Leaf Campaign

Copy: Artful Handling. The Beetle.
Description: Beetle ate the leaf forming the VW logo.
Claim: Compact car with superior handling
Media: TTC Transit card

Copy: Smooth ride. The Beetle
Description: Old leaf molded into a playground slide.
Claim: Continously smooth, sleek ride
Media: Billboard

Avery® White Self-Adhesive Reinforcement Labels

Copy: 500 rescue reinforcement stickers in every pack
Desciption: Illustration of the back of a jeep with a reinforcement ring acting as the spare tire.
Lines form a trail and a forest. Lined paper crumples towards the top portion of the paper, forming a mountain resulting the paper to rip. 
Claim: Strengthens punched holes in documents and protects against everyday wear and tear


Copy: 500 rescue reinforecements in every pack
Description: Blue lines from the lined paper form waves and tentacles. The suckers from the tentacles are replaced with reinforcement labels.
Claim: Reinforcement stickers will protect against punched holes
Media: Magazine Ad.

Copy: 500 reinforements
Description: Blue lines of lined paper form a fence & three items of clothing. The pink margin is being used as a clothing line. The hole rips; shirt falls.
Claim: Reinforcement rings will strengthen ripped holes

Copy: 500 Rescue Reinforcements
Description: Blue lines form a basketball and a mesh. The pink margin has been used as the basketball rim, hole rips; mesh falls.
Claim: Reinforcement labels will strengthen torn paper holes.
Media: Billboard

Description: Billboard transformed into a 3D binder holding an old piece of lined paper that has been ripped off the binder rings.
Claim: Reinforcement rings will restore punched holes
Media: Billboard

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Monster Escalator Advertising

Copy: Climb the corporate ladder. http://www.monster.ca/
Description: Vinyl stickers of yellow ladder steps are placed on escalator steps in busy downtown subway.
Claim: Monster.ca is your tool for finding the right corporate position