Thursday, January 28, 2010

Avery® White Self-Adhesive Reinforcement Labels

Copy: 500 rescue reinforcement stickers in every pack
Desciption: Illustration of the back of a jeep with a reinforcement ring acting as the spare tire.
Lines form a trail and a forest. Lined paper crumples towards the top portion of the paper, forming a mountain resulting the paper to rip. 
Claim: Strengthens punched holes in documents and protects against everyday wear and tear


Copy: 500 rescue reinforecements in every pack
Description: Blue lines from the lined paper form waves and tentacles. The suckers from the tentacles are replaced with reinforcement labels.
Claim: Reinforcement stickers will protect against punched holes
Media: Magazine Ad.

Copy: 500 reinforements
Description: Blue lines of lined paper form a fence & three items of clothing. The pink margin is being used as a clothing line. The hole rips; shirt falls.
Claim: Reinforcement rings will strengthen ripped holes

Copy: 500 Rescue Reinforcements
Description: Blue lines form a basketball and a mesh. The pink margin has been used as the basketball rim, hole rips; mesh falls.
Claim: Reinforcement labels will strengthen torn paper holes.
Media: Billboard

Description: Billboard transformed into a 3D binder holding an old piece of lined paper that has been ripped off the binder rings.
Claim: Reinforcement rings will restore punched holes
Media: Billboard

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