Thursday, January 28, 2010

VIA RAIL campaign

Copy:  You can fall asleep on a hotel bed but you can't wake up at the other side of the map.
Body: A luxury cruise on rails, with a comfortable bed, all meals included and five-star service!
Description: Comparing VIA Rail to a hotel's service.
Claim: Hotel on rails
Media: Subway ad.

Copy:  Health Hazzard, breathtaking sceneries
Body: Explore the remarkable views, thrilling discoveries and the beauty of nature.
Description: A traveling experience on rails.
Claim: Sceneries that will take your breath away
Media: Transit Card

Copy: Caution: We only travel @ High speeds
Body: Enjoy a high-speed wireless Internet connection when you  travel in VIA 1 class
Description: Word play on traveling speed and high speed wireless connection
Claim: Businessmen can resume their online daily business tasks while travelling

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